With all those one-liners you’re just dying to get out there, Twitter could be a platform that makes or breaks your brand.

Just like any other social media channel out there, it’s hard to crack the market – but once you have, it’ll be worth every moment and dollar you spent. There is one significant factor in increasing your followers on Twitter, and that is with hashtags.

They are the lifeblood of any successful social media channel these days, but they go a bit further back with Twitter. Whatever experience you’ve had using hashtags, know that they are vital to your Twitter survival.

The Importance of Hashtags

Hashtags for Twitter

Say you want to connect with a target audience – a group of people who are going to see your tweets and the brand behind them and like it so much that they follow you. How are you going to make this happen? How do you find this specific group of people within the already crowded online space that is Twitter? Hashtags.

Hashtags not only help you find new followers for your Twitter profile, but they can also make sure that they are going to have a special interest in your content. If you use specific hashtags that are directly related to your niche and industry, they’ll be able to bridge the gap and connect you to your ideal audience, without wasting time on either end. 

The Difference Between Twitter and Instagram

Twitter may be the OG of hashtags, but Instagram has certainly caught up over the past couple of years. You may have noticed yourself that the vast majority of people on Instagram put hashtags either in the comments section or as the caption on their content. Hashtags have caught on like wildfire, and for a good reason too – they have helped hundreds of thousands of people connect to their community. 

The biggest difference between Twitter and Instagram when it comes to hashtags is that Twitter is a wordsmith’s arena, whereas Instagram is more of a visual platform. This means that while you still need to make sure all of your hashtags relate to your niche and industry, they’re going to be used for slightly different purposes. With Instagram, we recommend keeping them in the comments section of your content, so they don’t look spammy. 

You can also use more hashtags on the gram, too, because you can hide them better. With Twitter, you typically include your hashtags at the end of your tweet, which is enough of a reason to keep the hashtag count to between three and four. Any more and your content will look too spammy and off-putting.

While you may be able to use more hashtags on Instagram, they’re still essential to growing a successful following on Twitter. 

Why You Should Avoid Fake Followers

Ever come across a third party company that promises they can provide you with new followers overnight, without even needing access to your password?

They will say you can buy Twitter followers that are real. This is one of those things that sounds too good to be true because, in all reality, it usually is.  

The reason why companies like this can deliver followers to your Twitter account so quickly, with little personal information, is because they’re fake. They’re either inactive accounts or bots, so while they’re designed to look real, they aren’t. 

They are going to hurt your Twitter profile more than help it, at the end of the day. While they may make your follower count look good for a little while before too long, they’ll drop off again, and could even make your account look worse than what it was before you bought them.

What’s more, fake followers don’t interact with your content, so your engagement rate is going to be suspiciously skewed. 

If you’re serious about building a Twitter profile that is long-lasting and supported by loyal followers, we highly recommend that you don’t purchase fake ones. 

Suggested Hashtag Tool for Outsourcing 

While working out the ultimate hashtag game for your Twitter profile is a great start, sometimes it’s just not enough. With all the competition out there, it can be difficult to get the name of your brand out there and connected to the people you think will be interested. 

This is why many people have turned to outsourcing their hashtag strategy to experts who know what it takes to be successful on platforms like Twitter.

Companies like HashtagsForLikes know that you need an authentic way of figuring out which hashtags are going to be great for your brand, and which hashtags aren’t. 

HashtagsForLikes offers a dedicated hashtag search engine, where you can look up your favorite hashtags. This gives you exclusive data and information that you can then use to work out whether those hashtags are well suited or not. This could be the difference between success or failure on Twitter, as so much depends on having a high-quality, relevant list of hashtags.

Final Thoughts

Growing a brand on Twitter is no mean feat. There are many obstacles in your way which require patience, hard work, and perseverance. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, especially if you have a high-quality, dedicated resource for hashtags on your side. 

Once you’ve got your list of the perfect hashtags for your industry and niche, you’ll be able to get creating content that your target audience is going to love for a long time to come.

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