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Twesocial is centered around Twitter growth hacking strategies cultivated by growth experts. Developed and tested for years, Twesocial is now the #1 tool for effortless and effective Twitter growth.

Automate Twitter Marketing

Audience Targeting

Growth hacking wouldn’t exist without the right audience, and that’s where our focus lies. Twesocial has evolved through algorithms that now implement targeting instructions with precision and accuracy. Your Twitter growth campaign will align with your targeting instructions to get the perfect combination of Twitter followers for your profile. Don’t waste time using other companies with sub-par Twitter growth hacking.

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Automation Made Simple

We make the most of Twitter growth hacking with cutting-edge AI technology and automation that delivers the best results in the industry. Twesocial has built-in automated features that run different engagement strategies to save you time and connect with your audience. You’ll reclaim hours of your workflow when you employ Twesocial for Twitter growth.

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Compounded Growth
Safety First

Optimized Workflow that Saves Time and Money

Time isn’t just time— it’s also money. We developed Twesocial to help individuals, creators, entrepreneurs, and brands save time and refocus their energy on the parts of their endeavor that matter. Put your Twitter growth hacking in the hands of Twesocial so that you can give all of your attention to content creation and running your business. Don’t waste time and money buying fake Twitter followers!

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It feels good to know that Twesocial is designed for your safety and efficiency. Twesocial runs smoothly and in a way that mirrors human behavior, keeping you safe and within the limits of Twitter engagements. You’ll never miss a day in Twitter growth hacking with the safety features set up by Twesocial.

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On a Budget
Works in the background


You have to be in the know to grow, and you’ll be able to track your Twitter growth all in one place. You can see how your account is growing and use that information to fine-tune your targets to optimize your results with Twesocial. Twitter growth hacking has never been easier.

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How to Use Twesocial’s Twitter Growth Hacking

You are just about ready to start taking advantage of Twesocial and Twitter growth hacking to gain real and targeted Twitter followers. You can get set up in as quickly as one minute.


Connect Twitter

Choose your Twesocial plan and connect your Twitter account to get started.


Complete Targeting Instructions

Let Twesocial know your advanced targets so that the most relevant accounts can be reached.


Campaign Creation

Twesocial growth experts will create the perfect campaign to get your account in front of the right people.



Through AI and according to your targeting instructions, Twesocial will interact with relevant users on your behalf.



Watch your Twitter account grow and monitor your follower increase, demographics, interests, and interactions through Twesocial and your own content creation.

Features of Twesocial Twitter Growth Hacking

Ready to find out just what makes Twesocial the best Twitter growth hacking tool available to you? There are numerous standout features that allow Twesocial to bring you the best of Twitter follower growth.

Auto Follow


One of the best ways to get more Twitter followers is to follow relevant users, and that’s exactly what Twesocial will help you do. You’ll get the attention of targeted users that are part of your audience and they’ll be likely to follow you back. We’ll also take care of unfollowing users for you so you don’t have a polluted Twitter feed!

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The safest Twitter automation tool around, Twesocial will emulate human behavior to interact with Twitter users in a number of ways. We keep your account safe by taking a controlled number of actions that complies with Twitter terms of use.

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Auto comment / DM

Auto Comment / DM

When done the right way, comments and DMs can be excellent in getting you more Twitter followers! Twesocial’s Twitter marketing tool takes advantage of both to help you boost visibility and connect with the right users.

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Advanced Targeting Options

You’ll have a one-of-a-kind, customized campaign through the advanced targeting options that Twesocial offers. By targeting the right users, you’ll get relevant and long-term Twitter growth through Twesocial, even while you sleep.

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Advance Segmentation
Anti-Spam Features

Anti-Spam Features

Twesocial knows how important your reputation is, and we don’t want you to have any inactive or low-quality accounts that will hurt your engagement levels. For that reason, Twesocial has state-of-the-art algorithms that will filter out irrelevant users and get you only the most targeted, authentic Twitter followers and engagements.

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Growth on Autopilot

You don’t have to spend hours working on your Twitter growth now that you have Twesocial. You can take the time to focus on your other tasks and Twesocial’s AI technology will keep you growing around the clock.

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Followers Quality Score


Twesocial is a full-fledged Twitter marketing tool that generates interest in your profile and gets you more reach, which in turn gets you more Twitter followers and engagements the natural way. You can track your growth and make targeting adjustments at any time for optimal performance.

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Quality Twitter Followers

Twesocial cares greatly about the quality of your Twitter community, and for that reason we have a built-in filter that will only follow and interact with the most valuable and relevant users for your Twitter profile. You’ll never have to worry about irrelevant or fake/bot followers with Twesocial growth.

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Quality Twitter Followers

Unique Campaigns for Any Niche

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, a small business, or a huge company, and it doesn’t matter what niche or industry you’re in! Twesocial has such advanced targeting and AI technology that we can deliver top results in any niche, for anybody, no matter what.

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Twitter Growth FAQ

Excited to get started with your Twitter growth and see tangible results through your efforts? Twesocial sure is! If you still have some questions, you can find answers to common ones about Twitter growth below. Using a Twitter growth hacking tool will give you the competitive edge you need to rise above your biggest competitors and generate more interest in your own profile.

Can I Buy Twitter Followers?

Many companies out there claim to help you get real Twitter followers and then turn around and send you a bunch of fakes that only bring harm to your account. Remember, you need authentic Twitter followers if you want to get real results, and Twesocial knows that.

Because we’re dedicated to your success, we have designed the best strategies for Twitter growth hacking and put them to good use in our services. You’ll get real Twitter followers from your target audience, which translates into the real-world results you’ve been seeking through Twitter.

After you use Twesocial, you’ll be glad you didn’t waste your time with those bulk packages or fake services. We thrive on the success of our clients and are happy to be the chosen provider of real Twitter growth.

What Makes Twesocial Different?

Twesocial employs newly-developed AI technology, which is overseen by our specialist growth team, to ensure that your Twitter growth is entirely secure and operational at all times. Twesocial gets you, real followers, regularly and efficiently using natural, organic techniques of interaction to develop an interest in your Twitter account from the right users.

How Does the Twitter Algorithm Work?

Twitter does not merely default to chronology when it comes to distributing tweets to its users. There are a number of ranking signals that can assist you in increasing your Twitter reach, including:

  • Creating a strong posting calendar that gets your tweets out when your target audience is active on the platform
  • Use of multimedia (images, video, gifs)
  • Engagement (likes, comments, retweets, saves)
  • Relationships between users
  • User behavior
  • Tweeter's prominence

All of these ranking factors have a significant impact on whether or not your tweets are regarded as valuable and how frequently viewers and followers will see them.

If a person engages with your tweets frequently, searches for your profile, or interacts with your account, Twitter is more likely to favor your content for that user. This pertains to both user behavior and your account's relationship with that user.

With this knowledge, it's evident that engagement has a significant influence on how the Twitter algorithm gives value to your postings and displays them to users. Twesocial has a deep understanding of this algorithm, helping you to grow in optimal ways for long-term success.

How Can I Increase My Twitter Followers and Engagement?

On Twitter, having a large number of followers and a high rate of engagement is crucial. Take charge of your Twitter growth by using our Twitter growth hacking methods to gain more Twitter followers and engagement in the long term.

If you want to get the most out of Twesocial so that our services benefit your profile, here are some suggestions to help you expand your Twitter following.

Below you’ll find five things you can do right now to help you expand your Twitter following with Twesocial:

  • Make a solid posting schedule so you can tweet when your target audience is online
  • In your tweets, include images, rich media, and targeted trending hashtags
  • Participate in hot discussions on your own and others' profiles
  • Make polls or interesting posts about important subjects
  • Interact with other people's tweets on Twitter

If you accomplish all of those things, your Twitter follower count and engagement rate will almost certainly rise. Once you've put it in place, visit our Twitter engagement calculator to see how much improvement your profile has made!

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