The good news about Twitter is that you can start fresh again with a clean slate without having to say goodbye to your existing followers.

There are a few web-based tools out there including TwitWipe and Cardigan that can help you delete all of your tweets, and the best part is that it’s not going to cost you anything.

Once you have deleted your tweets, you can revoke the company’s access to your Twitter account for security reasons.

  1. Using TwitWipe

Using TwitWipe

get started

Solve Media puzzle

Authorize app

Press Yes to confirm

Click Sign Out

settings page

Revoke Access

  1. Using TweetDelete


Check the box

Sign in with Twitter

Select a timespan

Delete all my existing tweets

Post to my feed

Activate TweetDelete

twitter settings page

revoke access

  1. Using Cardigan

Using Cardigan

Browse Tweets

authorize app

delete all


twitter settings page


  1. Using Delete All Tweets

Delete All Tweets

sign in with Twitter

Authorize app

progress bar

settings page

revoke access


button under

Delete tweet

Delete to confirm

Click your profile picture


twitter settings page

revoke access