This article will teach you how to get started with Twitter, including showing you how to create an account and learn how to tweet.

  1. Signing Up

Signing Up

Sign Up

Enter a name

Add your phone number

Click Next

Click Sign up

Verify your phone number

Enter your password

Click Next

email code

Skip for now

Select people to follow

  1. Set up Your Profile

Select the profile icon

Click Settings and privacy

Click the "Username" text box

Replace the automatic username

click Save changes

Enter your password when prompted

Click Save changes

 profile picture icon

Upload a profile picture

Enter your profile information

Select a theme color

save changes

  1. Following Others

Search Twitter

Enter a user

Select a user

Click Follow

Find friends

  1. Tweeting

Select tweet

Enter your tweet's text

Add a photo

tweet with a GIF

tweet thread


Tweet a poll

Respond to a tweet

Pin a tweet

  1. Retweeting Someone Else’s Tweet

Home feed





  1. Sending a Message

Click Messages

new message

Choose a follower

message text box

Include a GIF or photo

  1. Using Twitter on Your Phone

Download the Twitter app

Open Twitter

Sign into your Twitter account

Create a tweet

Retweet content

Search Twitter

Check your notifications

Send a message

view your profile