When I first saw the word GIFs on my Android keyboard latest version, I simply ignored it. Later on, I started thinking about what a GIF is.

After my Google research, I found that it is an image file type, stands for Graphics Interchange Format. These images can be animated or static.

In recent years, they have become common on social media and in digital interaction, as they can send short video clips in image form. Other than Android apps, GIFs are significantly a part of social media posts, including Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

People generally prefer expressing their emotions by using GIFs instead of words. Other than that, people use different tactics to grow their followers on Twitter.

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GIF images on Twitter are not the original GIF files. When an animated GIF is uploaded into Twitter, it will automatically be converted into a brief .mp4 video file. Because of this, you cannot directly save GIF from Twitter as you usually do.

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The methods below can help you simplify the process and will make it easier for you to download GIF from Twitter on your iPhone, Android and Windows Desktop Computer.

How to Save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone

Method #1: Using GIFwrapped App

GIFwrapped is an app for those with an iPhone that can enable you to copy GIF from Twitter. It is free, though there is the option to update for a fee — it’ll cripple ads in the app, and give you some additional customization options.

how to save gifs from twitter on iphone

Once you’ve installed GIF wrapped, here is how to utilize it:

how to save gifs from twitter on iphone

Method # 2: Using Shortcut Program

On iOS device: Due to this iOS automation program Shortcuts, Which is free and supplied by Apple, you can download GIF from Twitter at one go without needing to convert video to GIF manually.

Method # 3: Save GIF without any App

For saving Twitter gifs on iPhone, you will first have to select the share button under the original tweet.

How to Save GIFs from Twitter on Android

Quite a few apps are available that answers how to save Twitter GIFs on your Android device. However, Tweet2gif is one of the best apps. It is compatible with Android 4.0.3 and later. Another plus point is you can utilize it for free. Simply download it from the Play Store and go ahead with the procedure. 

save gif from twitter

How to Save GIFs from Twitter on Windows Computer

Saving GIFs from Twitter is actually not that easy. GIFs on Twitter are converted to video files automatically after uploading and still being marked as GIF. Therefore, you cannot save GIF from Twitter with a right-click on the GIF post, as you generally do on most other platforms. 

Method # 1: Chrome Store Extension

Luckily, the Chrome Store has an extension that makes the option “Save image” available in the right-click menu, when you execute a right-click on a Twitter GIF. If you have a Chromium web browser such as Google Chrome, just install “Twitter Video Assist” extension.

Chrome Store extension

Once the extension is attached, you can start using it right away, even without any configurations. Now, whenever you want to download GIF from Twitter, just right-click on it, select “Save this Twitter video,” and the browser will start downloading the GIF instantly, just like a normal image.

You can select “options” by clicking the extension icon on the bar, to do some more settings. You can even choose to specify the file name and downloading path, save GIF as MP4 or GIF.   

Method # 2: EZGIF.com

Don’t want to add an extension on your browser? Don’t worry, here is another solution for you. No doubt, you have a little more work to do to get your GIF; still, it is not time-consuming.  

save gifs from twitter

Final Thoughts

After saving GIFs from Twitter on your iPhone, Android and Windows Computer, you can use them for a variety of ideas such as sending them in the text messages or group chats. Stay tuned and updated! Search hashtags, for example fitness hashtags which can help you discover content and use this method to download

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