Engagement rates are often over looked, however its vital to attracting more followers organically.

We tested over 52 vendors who sell YouTube comments and found the best places to buy comments on YouTube

By a wide margin, YouTube is the most popular platform for people to broadcast their skills, entertain others, and express their ideas to the world in video form. 

There are billions of videos uploaded and viewed daily, making it challenging to get noticed for newcomers who dream of getting popular on the site. 

However, there are several methods that can be used to increase YouTube views and engagement quickly. One such way is to buy YouTube comments, but where exactly can you buy them from? 

The internet is not the safest place, and getting scammed is very easy if you want to buy engagement. But we are here to help.

This article explores the top providers of Youtube comments on the marker and all concerns over the method that people have.

List of the Best to Buy YouTube Comments 

Here are the finest places to buy Youtube comments

1. UseViral – Most Reputable Website

Buy Youtube comments - UseViral

UseViral is among the top platforms for increasing engagement and organically growing your audience on social media.

One of the standout features of UseViral is the ability to buy custom YouTube comments. 

These comments are not just generic remarks; they come from real users genuinely interested in your niche. By purchasing these comments, you can create an organic and natural growth pattern, boosting engagement and attracting more viewers to your channel. 

The provider ensures that these comments are strategically spaced out over time, giving your channel the credibility and authenticity it deserves.

Its user-friendly and secure ordering process sets UseViral apart from other providers. With quick delivery and a seamless experience, you can trust that your investment will yield the desired results. 

If you encounter any issues, their exceptional customer service is available 24/7, providing unparalleled support.

However, it doesn’t stop at YouTube comments. They offer comprehensive services designed to help you holistically grow your channel. From increasing views and likes to gaining YouTube subscribers, UseViral has covered you. 

Their dedication to providing top-notch customer service has earned them a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy supplier of tools for YouTube channel expansion.

In addition to their outstanding services, UseViral offers competitive prices, ensuring you receive excellent investment value. They understand the importance of affordability while delivering exceptional quality.

They place a high value on privacy and confidentiality, continually protecting your information. They also use cutting-edge methods to guarantee that their solutions adhere to YouTube’s rules, minimizing any risks to your channel’s reputation.

Don’t pass up the fantastic opportunities that are waiting for you. Visit UseViral now to gain access to a wealth of valuable services that will help your YouTube channel reach new heights.

Key Features



Shop YouTube comments from UseViral

2. Sidesmedia – Fastest Delivery

Sidesmedia buy YouTube engagement

SidesMedia is another reliable provider of promotional services, as it provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for those looking to boost their YouTube presence by purchasing custom YouTube comments. 

The website prioritizes the safety and security of your brand’s reputation with a team of digital marketing specialists, ensuring you receive top-tier promotional services.

One of the primary advantages of working with SidesMedia is its affordable pricing, which makes it accessible to businesses of all sizes. 

It caters to your needs with a minimum order of just 50 comments, whether you’re a small business owner or an established brand. Furthermore, they go above and beyond by allowing you to edit your comments, allowing you to personalize your content, and effectively protect your brand’s reputation.

You can be confident that the comments purchased are genuine and written by real people with relevant experience. 

This authenticity lends authority to your videos and ensures that viewers perceive your comments as natural and beneficial to your channel. 

SidesMedia recognizes the value of maintaining high integrity in client interactions and providing accountability and high-quality engagement.

It’s not just about buying YouTube comments with SidesMedia. They provide a wide range of services to help you improve your online presence. 

You can select from numerous packages that include YouTube comments, likes, subscribers, video shares, views, and engagement on other social media platforms. 

You can personalize your experience and maximize your purchase by utilizing these services, increasing your reach and engagement across multiple channels.

Furthermore, SidesMedia takes pride in its helpful and friendly staff, who are always available to answer questions or address concerns. 

Their dedication to customer satisfaction ensures a smooth experience, allowing you to concentrate on creating unique content while they handle the promotional aspects of your YouTube channel.

Key Features



3. Growthoid – Industry Respected

Growthoid provides a one-of-a-kind solution for YouTube creators looking to boost their online presence through engaging comments. Users can now buy YouTube comments and significantly increase their channel’s visibility by using their services.

The provider recognizes the value of genuine interactions on YouTube and makes certain that the comments they provide are of the highest quality and authenticity. 

These comments are submitted by real users who actively engage with the content, providing useful feedback and encouraging others to join the conversation.

It offers a wide range of features and services designed to maximize YouTube growth and the option to buy YouTube comments. 

They assign a dedicated account manager to each user, who works tirelessly to ensure the channel gets the attention it deserves. This personal touch distinguishes them from other market providers.

Growthoid is steadfast in its dedication to authenticity and integrity. They do not use automation, bots, or fake accounts to generate comments. 

Instead, they advocate for genuine interactions between creators and their audiences. Users can work with their account manager to receive real and relevant YouTube comments by providing targeting instructions.

The site provides a comprehensive dashboard to give users more control over their YouTube experience. Users can easily track their progress and the impact of the services they have used using this platform. Furthermore, the experienced account managers and support team are on hand to assist users at every step, ensuring a smooth experience.

The service provided by Growthoid is characterized by flexibility and transparency. Users can select the best monthly subscription for their needs without being bound by long-term contracts. This allows you to scale up or down based on your needs.

Key Features



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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying YouTube Comments

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of this controversial strategy and see why it isn’t that bad.

Advantages of Buying YouTube Comments

Amplify Engagement and Social Proof

In the competitive world of YouTube, having many comments on your videos can serve as social proof of their popularity. Buying YouTube comments allows you to amplify engagement by jumpstarting the conversation. 

Viewers who see an active comment section are more likely to join the discussion and express their opinions. This enhances the user experience and increases the chances of your videos being recommended to a broader audience.

Enhance Channel Credibility

A YouTube channel with numerous comments appears more credible and trustworthy. People are likelier to subscribe, like, and share videos from channels with an engaged audience. 

Buying YouTube comments provides an opportunity to create the perception of an active and lively community surrounding your content. This can significantly impact viewers’ perception of your channel and increase their willingness to engage with your videos.

Boost Algorithmic Visibility

YouTube’s algorithm takes into account various factors when recommending videos to users. Engagement metrics, such as the number of comments, likes, and shares, play a crucial role in determining the visibility of a video. 

By purchasing YouTube comments, you can give your videos a better chance of being featured in search results and suggested video sections. The increased visibility can lead to organic growth as more viewers discover and engage with your content.

Kickstart Conversations and Encourage Participation

The comment section on YouTube serves as a space for viewers to share their thoughts, opinions, and reactions to the content they consume. Buying YouTube comments can help kickstart conversations and encourage viewers to participate actively. 

When people observe a lively comment section, they are more inclined to join in, sparking valuable discussions and generating a sense of community around your channel.

Save Time and Effort

Building an engaged audience on YouTube requires time, effort, and consistent content creation. While organic comments are undoubtedly valuable, buying YouTube comments can save you time and accelerate the growth of your channel. 

By kickstarting engagement, you can focus more on creating high-quality content and nurturing your community.

Disadvantages of Buying YouTube Comments

Lack of Authenticity

One of the primary limitations of buying YouTube comments is the potential lack of authenticity. Purchased comments are often generic and may not reflect genuine viewer sentiments, and this can be apparent to discerning viewers and may negatively impact your channel’s credibility. Balancing purchased and organic comments to maintain an authentic and trustworthy image is crucial.

Risk of Negative Perception

If your audience becomes aware that you have purchased YouTube comments, it can create a negative perception of your channel. 

Some viewers may view it as a dishonest attempt to manipulate engagement metrics. To mitigate this risk, it is essential to use purchased comments judiciously and ensure they align with the content of your videos.

Potential Violation of YouTube Policies

Buying YouTube comments can be considered a violation of the platform’s policies if done excessively or in a manipulative manner. 

YouTube’s algorithm is designed to detect and penalize artificial engagement. Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of the quantity and quality of purchased comments. Use this strategy sparingly and as a complement to organic engagement.

Safety When Buying YouTube Comments

The approach taken by the service provider is what largely determines the safety of buying YouTube comments. A number of trustworthy services use ethical methods to improve your YouTube presence, making them a safe option.

These reliable services prioritize organic interaction and use targeted marketing campaigns for sincere communication. You can confidently promote your YouTube channel while maintaining security by choosing such services.

However, it’s crucial to choose a YouTube growth service with care. Some service providers might use unethical tactics, like getting fake comments or using bots, which go against YouTube’s rules and put your account’s integrity in danger.

Verify the service provider’s methods, research extensively, read reviews, and ensure a safe and satisfying experience. Look for trustworthy services that emphasize organic growth, target real users, and have a track record of producing positive outcomes while upholding the security of your YouTube account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will buying YouTube comments guarantee viral success?

Purchasing YouTube comments is not a guaranteed pathway to viral success. It can boost engagement and visibility, but sustained success depends on various factors, including the quality of your content, audience targeting, and overall channel strategy.

How do I find reputable service providers for buying YouTube comments?

When looking for service providers, research their reputation, read reviews, and evaluate their track records. Look for providers who offer genuine comments, adhere to YouTube’s policies, and have a proven history of delivering reliable results.

Can bought YouTube comments get my channel penalized?

If done excessively or manipulatively, purchasing YouTube comments can violate YouTube’s policies, potentially leading to penalties such as video takedowns or account suspensions. It is essential to use this strategy sparingly and responsibly.

How should I balance purchased and organic comments?

Striking a balance between purchased and organic comments is crucial. While purchased comments can provide an initial boost, fostering authentic engagement and encouraging organic interactions should remain a priority. 

Focus on creating valuable content that inspires viewers to share their thoughts.

What other strategies can I use to increase engagement on my YouTube channel?

In addition to purchasing YouTube comments, there are several strategies you can employ to increase engagement on your channel. 

These include optimizing your video titles and descriptions, engaging with your audience through comments and community tabs, collaborating with creators, and promoting your content on other social media platforms.


Many services out there promise to help you increase your YouTube channel’s popularity by purchasing comments. 

Still, before you part with any cash, you should verify that the package you’ll receive meets all organic and safety criteria.

We have already compared various companies and services, so you don’t have to waste time doing so. Pick any of the options above to buy Youtube comments, and you’ll be well on your way to a safe, effective, and worry-free channel boost.