How to Link Twitter to Facebook

If you’ve got a Facebook and a Twitter account, then there’s a good chance that you’ll do better on both if you link them up. That way, your audience on Facebook can head on over to your Twitter page, and see what you’ve got going on over there.

Increase Your Followers on Twitter with Hashtags

Say you want to connect with a target audience – a group of people who are going to see your tweets and the brand behind them and like it so much that they follow you. How are you going to make this happen?

How to Save GIFs from Twitter

When I first saw the word GIFs on my Android keyboard latest version, I simply ignored it. Later on, I started thinking about what a GIF is. After my Google research, I found that it is an image file type, stands for Graphics Interchange Format. These images can be animated or static. In recent years, […]

Twitter Account Locked Unusual Activity – Suspicious Act

Are you stuck in Twitter account locked unusual activity frame? Most probably, you may not understand why it happens and wish to unlock the account. In this guide, I am going to discuss Twitter lockouts, why do Twitter block accounts, the best way to unlock your account, and everything about restricted accounts. If you’ve entered […]

The Biggest Hashtag of 2020? It’s Not a Hashtag

The online world in 2018 was shaped by hashtags like #MeToo, #NoBanNoWall, #hashtagart and #BlackLivesMatter. In 2019, the hashtag #ClimateStrike went viral thanks to the work of youth activist Greta Thunberg. So, what does 2020 have in store in terms of popular hashtags? Well, they may not even make the cut on social media sites […]