How many times have you thought about making a Twitter account, but never taken the plunge?

Perhaps now is a good time to do so. Let’s talk about what it takes to make a Twitter (X) account, so that you can be set up with the right tools for success.

Through Your Desktop (10 Quick Steps)

Here is how to make a Twitter account quickly and easy with only a few steps.

how to make a Twitter account
twitter sign-up
Enter your nam
phone number
Verify your mobile number
Create a password
Select interests
Select people to follow
Confirm your email address

On Your Mobile

Twitter app install
Twitter app
get started
Enter your name
Enter your phone number
Sign up
Verify your phone number
Enter a password
Sync your contacts
Select interests
Follow people
Complete Twitter setup

Wallah, it’s done! that’s how to make a twitter account, if you cannot be bothered following these steps, you can also buy a Twitter account from SidesMedia.

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