Because Twitter lead generation cards don’t exist anymore, we’ve had to come up with some pretty effective and creative ideas to help you convert leads from Twitter, so that you can make the most of having a lot of Twitter followers. The reality is that Twitter is crowded now with leads that are just waiting for you to connect with him and turn them into paying customers.

What you need is a well-researched framework that can help you scale the right strategy for generating more leads for your business. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can create a Twitter lead generation game plan from your Twitter profile in just three easy steps, even if you only have a limited budget right now.

For this, you will need to follow the following three steps: attract Twitter followers that are targeted without much effort, scan for leads in your Twitter followers, and develop a cold email campaign that is going to exponentially increase your email Contacts. Let’s dive in.

Why Twitter for Lead Generation?

If you are asking yourself this question, then we are asking ourselves the question, why not? Of course, one of the ultimate goals when it comes to having a brand online is to be able to reach more people and convert them into paying customers. Having a brand that can come up with creative tweet ideas as nice, but at the end of the day we all have bills to pay.

Nice tweets don’t pay the bills, but satisfied customers do.

If you’ve got an existing brand, then you will be familiar with a rough framework for generating leads. Of course, we are focusing on Twitter right now, so let’s get started with talking about how you can turn Twitter followers into paying customers.

How to Gain Targeted Twitter Followers

Twitter Lead Generation

The best thing about Twitter is that you can jump right in right now and begin scanning for emails on any Twitter handle. However, qualifying and filtering your Twitter followers is important, as this increases your conversion ratio, as well as reduces efforts and costs. Based on smart filters with our growth service, Twesocial can help you obtain real Twitter followers, while you take care of other aspects of your Twitter profile.

If you’re thinking about taking the short route and buying your Twitter followers, don’t. Use our growth service instead. Twesocial can help you filter using features like gender, geographic location, language and keywords.

We also make sure to weed out the chaff, so that you don’t have to mess about with Twitter profiles that aren’t valuable, that you can’t turn into paying customers. We can filter out profiles that have fake profile pictures, as well as spam words in their bio. We can also work out who has a bad following ratio, as well as low activity on their feed.

Believe it or not, a Twitter growth service can help you with already warmed up leads. This is because when you convert a Twitter account into a follower, they are already halfway there in becoming a paying customer. They’re already interested in your account, and potentially what your brand has to offer.

This is going to make it really easy for you to convince them to check out your website. Our growth service is going to make sure that we find the people who are spending time on your Twitter account, reading your bio, looking at your profile picture, and even visiting your website.

After all of this, you’re not a stranger with this Twitter profile anymore, and you’re only a couple of steps away from turning them into a hot lead.

How to Contact Your Leads


When you begin a new growth strategy for your brand on Twitter that you might want to scale at a later date, then you have to gain confidence, and figure out a way to build up the fundamental aspects of it. With cold emailing, you will gain confidence by tweaking things so that you can improve your overall conversion rate.

The thing about cold emailing is that it’s a delicate strategy to use. Nobody wants an email that they didn’t expect to see in their inbox, and if you are in the EU, you will need to comply with certain regulations. Cold emailing is an artform, which means that you have to be strategic about how you land in the right inbox with the right message.

If you’re new to cold emailing, then these are the main things that you need to know about it:

Using Twesocial to your advance to generate more leads for your brand on Twitter is going to involve many different aspects of our features. As we have mentioned, our growth service can target the perfect list of people to not only turn into Twitter followers, but hot leads.

Get in touch with us today to talk about conversion strategies, as well as ways that you can get started with your email campaign. We will be able to guide you through this process, so that you can optimize your lead generation, and make the most of Twitter for it all.